The Perks of Being an Adult but Looking like a Child

Life in your twenties can be an exciting and difficult time. When you’re somebody who’s “adulting,” but looks like your only worry should be who you’re going to take to the middle school dance, life can be even more difficult. Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of articles about all the struggles people with a… Continue reading The Perks of Being an Adult but Looking like a Child

lifestyle · The Prince and The Pupper

Self Publishing a Book

If you grew up watching Disney Channel Original movies, then you are well-versed in the Cinderella or The Prince and the Pauper spin offs. This was my childhood which leaked into my adulthood. I am also obsessed with my dog, so the idea of The Prince and The Pupper kind of came organically. After telling everyone about my story idea and… Continue reading Self Publishing a Book


Healthy Life, Healthy Dog with Earth Vet

Gatsby and I (well really Gatsby) recently got the chance to try out this Superfood Formula by Earth Vet. I would not say that Gatsby is an athlete, but I would say he is very athletic for such a little guy. One thing that he has a problem with, is eating enough of his food.… Continue reading Healthy Life, Healthy Dog with Earth Vet


When You’re Not #Relationshipgoals

Here is my definition of the mainstream #relationshipgoals, and if you’ve spent anytime on social media or watched any TV recently, these won’t seem too foreign to you. Hot and fit, extremely photogenic, always touching and kissing in public, and just a couple you can’t help but be extremely jealous of. They take these effortless… Continue reading When You’re Not #Relationshipgoals