About Me

Hello, my name is Melody and I live in Florida with my dog and my husband. I am just your regular-smegular girl who loves a whole lot and has a whole lot to say. I love health and fitness and how it makes me feel and what I have been able to accomplish since I’ve devoted myself to it. I love to travel. I haven’t been able to do a lot of it yet, but with the traveling I have done I’ve been able to find out some tricks and ways to save some serious cash! I love my dog like I imagine I would love a human child, so you will probably see a lot of him throughout my blog. I love my husband. We got married at a young age and because of this we’ve had to learn how to save money and basically how to adult without much room for error.  My hope for this blog is that I can share some of my favorite things about life and help people learn how to deal with life by sharing some tips that have made it easier for me. Thanks for reading, you really didn’t have to, but you did, so go you.