Starting My Own Online Business

Who hasn’t thought of an amazing business idea that was going to be their big break? Having a brilliant idea and actually executing it are two different ball games. The scariest part of deciding to follow through with your plans is actually deciding if the idea is worth it. Sure, to you it sounds great, but how will other people take it?
This was my process when battling with whether I should pursue my idea of starting my publishing liaison company. The idea sparked from my experience publishing my own books, but also by hearing from a multitude of authors who talked about their difficult and EXPENSIVE experiences. Although it did take me a while to figure out how to publish a book, this was not my experience at all. I was able to publish my book for free and actually make a sizable profit without trying to much. Why wasn’t this the case for everyone? 
I found that self-publishing a book and making a profit while doing so, was something people either needed to learn how to do or needed someone to do for them. Although there are companies that are already making a profit on this, I found that they were all too expensive for what they were promising. I wasn’t the first person to come up with the idea, but I knew I could do it better and could actually help people. 
So, I went for. After two full days, I set up my website, created an online course, figured out how to create a paywall so I could charge people for my course, created service packages and created business social media accounts. Two days doesn’t sound like much time, but it was two grueling days of work and many days of research before that. I also discovered starting a business costs money. You can’t host a website for free. I needed a monthly subscription, plus I had to buy a domain name, plus other subscriptions to help me run my course.
Once I saw exactly how much I spent and how much money I was going to continue to spend, I started to become a little nervous. What if this isn’t something people want? What if I did all this work for nothing? What if I end up losing money instead of making money? My doubts started to take over. Luckily, after only a day or two I got my first client and I started selling my course to people. My fears started to drift away but not for long. Everyday that I don’t make a course sale or I am not in contact with a potential client, I start to get nervous. What if this was a little buzz from starting out? Then once I start to work on a project all day I get nervous all over again because what if I start running out of time to do this and get overwhelmed
There are rare moments of clarity were I realize, “Wow this is doing pretty well for how short of time I’ve been doing this!” Or times when I calm myself down and think, “If this ends up not working out, at least I tried!” This experience of starting an online business has made me realize that it’s pretty scary to put your neck out and try to pursue an idea. You don’t want to seem annoying or unrealistic to your friends and family.  At the end of the day, everyone has something their afraid to pursue or something they’re already pursuing. Whatever you venture idea may be, go for it. Who knows, it might work out!
If you’re thinking about learning how to self-publish your book or even thinking about writing a book and need some help getting started click HERE.
If you would like someone to do all the work for you and get your book published click HERE to see an example of our packages.





One thought on “Starting My Own Online Business

  1. I definitely understand the struggle of that inner-voice questioning whether or not this is all worth it. Congratulations on pushing through it & making it to where you dreamt of!


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