5 Years of Marriage


Holy crap 5 years is a long time! We graduated from college, started careers, bought a house, and even survived the Coronavirus (well so far). When I was walking down that aisle 5 years ago, I did not anticipate that this anniversary would come so gobsmackingly fast, but it did. It seems as if there was no time in there for anything to move slowly or for us to appreciate where we were. So while writing this, I plan to do just that.

When looking at these pictures of us 5 years ago it’s as if we are looking at some foreign entities. When you decide to get married at 20, 5 years can really make a difference in your appearances. However, our appearances happen to be our smallest change. How we changed as people, that was even more drastic. Almost everything we believed in or thought we knew did a complete 180.

In somethings, we grew more and more alike and in some, we grew more and more opposite. For many people, these things might be a deal-breaker. The fights over these topics and changes could be too vast to handle, but for us, it didn’t seem to pan out that way. Even though we are such different people and don’t always agree with each other, this is what makes us unique and life interesting. How boring would life be if I had to be with the exact same person for the rest of my life? Granted, I would love to have my husband agree with all of my opinions, and my life’s goal is to get him to do so. However, I know my opinions and his are going to change constantly, so why let it dictate our feelings for each other? 

In the first couple years of marriage, it was a little difficult to see our friends and people our age, in an entirely different place in their relationships. There wasn’t really anyone who could relate to us as a couple because no one was our age and married. It was difficult to navigate how our relationship should look because we had no one to compare it to. When we first got married, we had low paying jobs, lived in a crappy little apartment and were still in school. Life was really not ideal for a brand new marriage, but we knew exactly what we were getting into. We knew just how challenging it was going to be before we got married. We figured why deal with all of this alone when we could have someone to depend on?

Even though I sort of knew what to expect from married life in my early 20s, marriage was nothing what I was expecting, and I’m so thankful for that. I am so glad our story didn’t end and our life didn’t become a romantic foggy dream like in the movies. I’m glad that we are so different and almost compeletly opposite from the people we were 5 years ago. I’m glad that we had to struggle and start out with so little. Although 5 years is so short in the grand scheme of life, it does feel like a somewhat big accomplishment to get through. To see how live has changed for us externally and internally has been such a joy and I can’t wait to continue to experience it for the rest of our lives.

Because 5 years of marriage has brought so many different changes, and I still fit in my wedding dress, we thought it would be fun to recreate our wedding photos. I think these photos are a perfect representation of just how much we matured and grew (even though we’re still obnoxious and just teenagers pretending to be adults).

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