Quarantined Work-Out Routine

According to my social media platforms, a lot of us are not very happy about having to work out at home. To some people, this is their normal life, but for most, it’s a struggle to find a good workout without a lot of weights or equipment. During this time, I have had to really use a lot of brainpower into thinking about how I can get even close to the workouts I am used to.

My new norm is working out every day. This might seem unrealistic and excessive to some people, but think about how much more free time we have and how much less we are moving around. I went from running around a classroom every day to sitting in the same office chair for most of my day. Moving your body and exerting energy every day is not only beneficial to your body but your mental health as well.

My new favorite thing to do is an excessive number of two or three exercises all throughout the day. For example, today I did 100 push-ups and 100 tricep dips. I did these in sets of 10 and would just randomly break them out throughout my workday. This helps me not feel so constrained to my chair and that my whole day can end up being productive. Towards the end of my day, I do a 10-20 minute “burner” exercise. This is when I pick about 4 exercises and do sets of 10 for the entire 10-20 minutes. This is a good way to get your heart-rate and metabolism up.

Another good trick is to keep following your favorite fitness influencers on Instagram. They can help you stay motivated and it’s always good to try out some new workout ideas. Not that I’m a fitness influencer by any means, but I have been posting my workouts for almost every day on my Instagram story. If you need some ideas for some at-home workouts here’s some that I made. If you are confused about what a workout looks like, you can just google the name and should be able to find a surplus of YouTube videos.


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