Quality of Life Over Other’s Perceptions

Many believe that people’s happiness is directly linked to their quality of life. Throughout history, I believe this was somewhat true. However today in our society, this doesn’t seem to be the case. Some of the most wealthy and affluential people seem to be the most depressed. Even as our quality of life improves and improves, our generations do not seem to be getting happier. I have plenty of theories on why this is the case and I truly believe there is no one real answer, but I do have a theory.

The other day as I was pulling out of my local grocery store, blasting my Doja Cat in my trending neon sunglasses, and I was wondering if anyone perceived me as “cool.” I quickly brought myself back to my reality once I remembered that I was, in fact, driving a 2011 ginormous mini-van and probably looked like a 16 driving her mom’s car. This type of internal crisis with my car happens all the time. I am constantly thinking about getting a new car and then once I realize how much I would have to pay to get a car that is the same reliability as the car I have now, I decide I rather just go on vacation. I am pretty good at thinking about deciding to spend my money on things that will actually improve my quality of life, but it is a constant struggle.

As a woman, there are so many things that are marketed towards me that is supposed to make me feel so much better but is actually just a pain in the butt. An example is getting gel or acrylic nails. I know some people feel their best self with long nails and I truly believe people should do whatever makes them happy, but for me, they are the bane to my existence. Every time there is a special occasion I feel the need to spend $50 for my nails to look better. And you know who cares about them once I get them done? Literally no one. No one thinks I’m prettier or nicer or funnier. I do feel more put together but once the time comes to take them off, I just want to chop my hands off because they are so much work. There are so many other examples of things that I and many others do to make others perceive them as better when in reality, it just makes life more difficult.

Our generation is one of the first to have a constant flow of information about other people’s life. We get to see such minute details from celebrities, our friends, and people we barely know. It’s only natural that when we are only seeing people smiling and living their best lives with all these glamorous details, that we would think we need all those things to be happier. We are going to have to be the generation that is more conscious. We are going to need to pave the way for the generation to come because nothing is going to slow down or equal out. Everything is going to get more frivolous, more in-your-face, and more marketed to meet our insecurities. We are going to have to accept these facts and deal with how to cope with them. This could be taking a cleanse from all social media, or it could be giving yourself a pep talk, or even reading articles like this one. Our quality of life at this moment in time can bring so much joy. Let’s try to soak it up while we can instead of letting it be squandered by our fear of other’s perceptions.

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