What I Use to Budget

In my recent post Being Frugal While Living Your Best Life, I talked about how one of the key components to this is budgeting. Since posting this I have had a lot of requests for the format I use, so I thought I would share it to make your life a little easier.

I use Google Sheets because I own a Chromebook and I also like that it’s accessible on my phone.

HERE is the link to the Google Sheet that I use for my Monthly Budget. This is where I add up all my bills and my salary so I am able to see how much I can put away every week and how much I can spend on extras. I believe you can make a copy of this document and make it your own. I know not everyone has the same expenses as me, like Pet Insurance, but this is just to give you an idea of what I consider bills. I’ve also added some text within the sheet to give you some direction on how to type everything in.

HERE is the link to the Google Sheet that I use to account for all my “extra” spending and groceries. I have the Google Sheets app on my phone and every week I just make a new copy of the sheet and roll over any extras I have left. I like doing my budgeting this way because I don’t  have to manly do any math to figure out how much I have left over. I also enjoy this format because it is great for people who share finances. My husband and I are able to edit this document on our phones.

I believe that budgeting this way gives you a very accurate view into what your finances look like and where they are going. This helps me decide if I really do have the money to buy things that are not necessities and to save as much as I can every week.

Please let me know if you need any more advice or if something is not working with the sheet.

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