Hello From Your Local Time Traveler

Isn’t it crazy what we can look back at old pictures and remember what it’s like to be that very person? I remember what it feels like to be that age and to dream of the day I would be where I am today. Everything seemed to move so slowly back then. A week grounded from TV turned into years. Now all I can do is hold onto my seat because the rate that I’m traveling is too fast to stay grounded. Although I want to live in the moment, all I can think about is myself fifty years from know holding some sort of memories in my wrinkled hand.

As I look at these pictures from my past, I can very clearly see myself. I see my thoughts my dreams, who I truly was as a person. The reason for this is that I am the same person today. Although there are so many parts of me that are so vastly different, the part that is me has always stayed the same.

I start thinking of myself as a an adult, a real adult; the mortgage, the kids, the PTO fundraisers, that doesn’t feel like me. Me feels like being young and hoping for the future. Me never feels like I’ve got it all together quite yet, and the feeling has always been strangely comforting. Me feels like death is almost an old wives tale; never actually seeing it’s face. Me feels like my story is still relevant and interesting. I am the lead actor, the story is my own. This is the only me I’ve ever known, even from when I was a young child.

When does these “me’s” start changing. Will I always be able to see myself in my memories, or will it turn into just that, memories?

All I can know is what I know, and that has shown me that I am a true time traveler. I can be myself wherever time take me. The future me could be new, but so far future me hasn’t changed one bit. We’ll except for giving a shit, I definitely give less of those.

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