Why Do We Self-Sabotage?

“I know I will regret it if I eat these chips. *eats 5 bags of chips*

“I’ll go shopping with you, but I really don’t need anything. *buys a entire winter wardrobe and a hot tub*

“If I stay up late I’ll be tired in the morning.” *binge watches 3 seasons of Orange is the New Black*

“I’m just going to relax and scroll down Facebook for a little bit.” *spends 3 hours watching never ending Dr. Phil videos”

“I’m going to do the laundry today. *puts away one article of clothing at a time and takes a break every 5 minutes to lie down*

“I am going to spend today finishing this article. *does literally anything except write the article*

These few accounts are a small part of the memoir of my existence. I must say that I do think of myself as a self motivated and productive member of society, but this is not true 100% of the time. I always feel like there are areas of my life when I know I am not doing what is best for me, yet I do it anyways. I know that I am not alone in these accounts, hence why there are an unfathomable amount of self-help books relating to this topic alone.

If one briefly dives into the topic, you would be bombarded with opinions such as, “you are your own worst enemy,” or “you’re afraid of failing so you don’t try.” However, I think the bigger issue is addiction alone. I am addicted to the feeling of buying a lot of clothes, or spending copious amounts of time looking at my phone, or gorging myself with fat and sugar. I know this is not a revolutionary discovery, yet sometimes it’s good to take a moment and just boil down the issues.

The question that everyone wants to know, what is to be done about said addictions? Well, there really is no AA for Netflix or baked chips (at least I don’t think there is), so it’s time to get creative. For me I have found it helpful to make packs with myself about what I’m going to cut out prior to when the self sabotage happens. I tell myself I am going to spend a week without going on social media, or eating sugar, or buying anything. Instead of doing these things I love, I fill in those holes with a new book, my favorite fruit, or finding a new hobby.

I’m not saying these things are the answer to end all self-sabotage, because I am here to tell you that has not been the case for me. But I have found these tricks helpful and sometimes it’s just a good idea to write about our obstacles in life or read about someone else’s.

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