Current Favorite Ab Workout

I have always struggled with finding an effective lower ab workout. For a long time it seemed like no matter how many “ab days” I had, my lower abdomen never tightened up. That was until I found out how to use my new favorite workout equipment.

I feel like this wheel has always been around. I remember my dad using it in the living room when I was a little girl in the early 2000s. I have used it a few times at random, but I never really liked it because I felt like it was working out my arms more than my abs.

Just a few months ago, a trainer at my gym told me to use this in my workout. I moaned and groaned as I half heartedly rolling down the mat; until he stopped me and told me the correct way to use it. The next day my abs were the sorest they have ever been.

The goal is to focus on moving your hips. Your arms are really there to just keep it in place. Your hips are doing all the pushing down and pulling up.

I started doing 5 reps for 4 sets about 5 times a week during my workouts and have advanced to 10 reps for 4 sets. I honestly feel like I could eat all the donuts in the world and it wouldn’t do anything to my belly. My butt is another story, but I’m just taking what I can get.

I bought this wheel for about $10 at target and I know they are almost anywhere they sell workout equipment.

If haven’t been using this wheel before and you start trying it out, let me know how it’s working for you. I know this is such a small workout tip, but it’s something that I have been obsessed with for the last month.

Here’s a little video to show you how I do it, with Gatsby of course.

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