I’m 24

I really can’t remember a time in my life when I was not dreaming about being older. When I was a kid, I just wanted to be a teenager so I could drive an go to Mcdonalds whenever I wanted. When I was a teenager I just wanted to be an adult so no one could yell at me about wearing holes in my jeans at school. When I turned 18 I just wanted to be 21 so I could get that horizontal ID. When I got to my 20’s I just wanted my co-workers and people at the grocery store to stop talking to my like this was the first day out of my mother’s womb. There was a never a moment in my life when I felt like, “Here’s my peak, lets soak it up.” I’ve always been too concerned about the stigma that comes with being my age, and the new opportunities that will arrive to me once I meet that next stage.

My whole life I always felt that I was more mature than society told me I should be at my age. I wanted to prove to everyone around me that I was not like everyone else my age. I wanted to prove that although I didn’t have experience, I had this timeless grace that resulted in everyone treating me seriously. I do not know why I have always wanted to be taken so seriously, because I am not a serious person. The day I started paying my first bill, I felt I rightfully deserved the full respect as an equal member of society. And I’m right, I freakin’ do because I’m a legit bill payer! But why do I care so much about being mature?? Since I turned about 21 there is no more perks that come with getting older. The only thing I am now accumulating is wrinkles and larger dark circles under my eyes, so let’s not rush this already completely accelerated process called time, am I right?!

I’ve fully decided that 24 is going to be the year I embrace. When a professional or someone well-older than me asks how old I am, I’m not going to grin shyly and reply, “Young.” I am going to be confident and embrace the end of my early 20’s. I am conscious that although I am ready to proudly live my life in my age, that others around me are still going to stir knots in my stomach and blush on my cheeks when they make comments like, “Oh you’re so young, you don’t know anything yet.” I know it’s inevitable. For almost all of my life I am going to be younger than someone. There is going to be someone that thinks just because they’ve experienced a little more time in their life, they are some wisdom guru compared to me. But who cares, because I know deep down they wish they could rewind time and live life in their 20s again. I know this because when I see highschoolers or college student’s I always feel a little jealousy of how fresh and new their life is.

As I get older and become less and less cool, this jealousy has definitely grown. I refuse to let the urge to be older be replaced by the sting of being too old. This year I will push out any jealousy and any doubt in myself because of my age. I know I am young (well not that young anymore) and I still have a lot of life to live and a lot to learn, but I’m ready to start living. Here’s to the year of living my best life and being proud of it!

4 thoughts on “I’m 24

  1. You are a great writer! I always felt like you were a thoughtful, intelligent, soulful person. Even at a very young age! I love you Melody! Every age can be beautiful as we embrace it, let Jesus love us and shine! Ever year does get better!


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