Loving Yourself Where You Are

Most of the articles I write are about something that I am currently dealing with. This article happens to be just that. I have always been self-conscious about something that has to do with with my body or my life. I always say to myself, “once I fix this,” or “once I get to this point of my life,” I will be beautiful, happy, and complete. If I got this one tooth fixed, if I had bigger lips, if this pudge was gone, if I was tanner, if my hair was shorter or longer, if I just got paid a little bit more, if I had a few more friends, if I wrote a really successful article, I would be content with my life and just glow and glow from here on out. Although, I am very happy with my life, I still have never felt the absence of the struggle and the ambition to better myself.

The other day I was trotting down the stairs of my three-story condo with mounds of trash in tow; when my frail elderly neighbor saw me from the bottom floor. She had just had her husband drop her off at the front so she could have a short walk to the elevator. She stopped and looked up at me and sighed, “What I would give to have your energy.” I laughed and made a joke, but it actually really resonated with me. I don’t think I have ever really appreciate the place I am now, where everyday tasks are an easy feat for me. My body is healthy and I am capable of most things, yet I all I can think about if how perfect I want to look in my new bikini this weekend.

It seems like a strange thing to openly say, “Hey I totally love everything about myself and my life.” It seems like were trying to lie to ourselves or trying to be blind to the facts. But, if you think of yourself when you’re old, wrinkled and grey, I promise you would do anything to be in the place you are now. Maybe your life doesn’t look like the people you admire most, but you truly are a marvel exactly where you are. Everyday you get up in your skin, and whether you realize it or not, you are living a life that is wonderful and short lived.

This strive for perfection is not something that only our recent generation has struggling with. Even in the 1950’s women wanted to look beautiful constantly while also maintaining the perfect family life. Consciously making the decision to love yourself exactly where you are, has never been and never will be easy. If you ever see people around you that seem so content and never have a bad thing to say about themselves, it’s not because they actually are perfect. Everyday they try to take notice about what makes themselves and their life magical, and they reflect on those things. Be conscious in your days. Take time to realize how easy some things are for you, and what it feels like to be your kind of young and beautiful. We can’t stop time, but if we stop to take time to notice these moments, maybe it will go a little bit slower.

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