Healthy Life, Healthy Dog with Earth Vet

Gatsby and I (well really Gatsby) recently got the chance to try out this Superfood Formula by Earth Vet. I would not say that Gatsby is an athlete, but I would say he is very athletic for such a little guy. One thing that he has a problem with, is eating enough of his food. He is fantastic at eating everyone else’s food, just not his own. When I heard about this product I was excited to see if it would make Gatsby enjoy his food more, and would give him the added nutrients he might have been missing.

Here is a little bit of information from the earthvet website, “Our Superfood for Dogs Formula combines organic and natural whole food ingredients rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, digestive enzymes, proteins, phytonutrients and trace minerals. Revitalize your dog’s health with some of Earth’s most powerful super foods. Contains bone broth protein for dogs. Contains no inactive ingredients, no fillers, no salt, no sugar.”

The Superfood Forumla is a green powder that you mix in with any dog food. The first day that we mixed it into Gatsby’s food, he immediately ate all of the food in his bowl, which is not a common thing for him. We thought that maybe this was because it was something he wasn’t used to, and it made him excited to eat his food. However, it has been two weeks and he still scarfs down his food whenever the Superfood Formula is mixed in. At first I was worried that this product would give him so much energy that he would bother us to play all day long. However, it seems to make him more satisfied and less on edge. Gatsby is still very fast and very active, but his mood is a lot more mellow.

I would highly recommend this product to any dog owners, especially if you are struggling with a picky eater. To check out this product, click HERE.

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