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Vegan Hacks

First of all, I’m probably the worst vegan ever. I just call myself a “fegan” (fake vegan). I try to eat a vegan diet most days of week, and I only buy vegan products at the grocery store, but when I go out or I’m at a party, I am not a huge stickler and will eat cheese and eggs every so often. So now that I have clarified my vegan credentials, I would like to share some healthy “vegan hacks” that make life a little bit easier. The reason I try to eat vegan is for health reasons, but honestly it is very hard to eat a healthy vegan diet. I am not the kind of person that has enough time to make all of these fabulous, healthy, vegan meals, but I have found a few products that help me stay healthy and full.

Protein Powder

IMG-0201 IMG-0204

A common misconception is that it’s impossible for vegans to get enough protein. There are so many easy ways that someone can get their protein from actually healthier means than meat. I have just started using this protein powder and I love it! Not only does this protein powder taste good and is good for you, it’s also only $20. I believe you can only find this at Target, but it is well worth the separate trip if that is what it requires. I mix this with almond milk and drink it everyday immediately after my workouts. This container will probably last me a month or longer.

Almond Milk Creamer

IMG-0209 IMG-0210

I could never live life without coffee. I’m also not that cool and edgy, to drink straight up, black coffee, so creamer is a must. I know most people use almond milk, but that’s not creamy enough for me. This almond creamer is honestly better than regular creamer and it it’s not watered down. I usually buy this at Publix but I’m pretty sure they sell it at most grocery stores. It does have some sugar, which I usually try to stay away from, but I think it’s worth it.

Protein Bars


Because I’m a person who is constantly on the go, I’m a big fan of protein bars. However, it has been really hard to find a vegan, nut free (I can’t have nuts at my work), low sugar protein bar that is not too expensive. I really love these bars because they give me exactly what I need and taste really good!



I love these falafel flavored baked chickpeas! I actually have tried some salt and vinegar flavored ones that I liked more, but I always shop at Publix and these are the only ones that are there. I really like how these taste, and they have 6 grams of protein, which really helps cure hunger.

Meal Help

IMG-0214.JPGIMG-0215 (1)

One thing that is super easy to make and something I crave constantly is grilled cheese. This cheese legit tastes like regular cheese, so 10/10 would recommend.


One challenge that many vegans and vegetarians face is eating too many carbs. Sometimes pasta is the only easy meal to make when there is no meat. I was lucky enough to find this Edamame and Mung Bean Fettuccine at Publix, as a replacement for regular pasta. This pasta has 22 grams of protein per serving with only 21 grams of carbohydrates (that’s less than half of most whole grain pastas). They look a little unusual, but I happen to think they taste great! This box is usually about 6 servings. I sometimes make this with vegan meatballs and tomato sauce, or I will get some coconut curry simmer sauce and mix it with some vegetables.


I started eating this Sesame Garlic Chick’n Tofurky even before I was vegan or pescetarian. It is honestly the best tofu I have ever had, and even my tofu hating husband can vouch for that. I usually mix this with lots of veggies and saute them all together. Depending on how much vegetables I mix in with it, one package will probably be about 4 servings.  You can find this at Publix, but I think they sell it at a lot of other grocery stores as well.

I can say that ever since I have become “fegan” I feel A LOT better and have been able to maintain a much leaner physique, with less intense workouts. The transition really has not been that difficult thanks to products like these that are sold at very convenient places, for affordable prices. If you were ever thinking about going vegan, vegetarian, or pescetarian, or already are but looking for some more ideas, I hope this article gave you some new products to try out.

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