Legs and Booty Circuit

Lets be real, who honestly has time to work out? Contrary to popular belief, I as sure as heck don’t. But I don’t let that get in my way. I just come up with some kick-a$$ workouts that only take like 20-minutes! So, I’m going to share them with you guys. Oh and you don’t have any equipment? No problem, we’ll just be using your God given weights, aka your body. Also, look out for the special guest appearance of Gatsby the Corgi.



*10 squat jumps*

Circuit #1

10 calf raises

20 bridge and dips

20 jumping jacks


*10 squat jumps*

Circuit #2

10 sumo squats

20 donkey kicks

25 jump-rope (with your imaginary jump-rope)


Circuit #3

10 spidermans

20 fire-hydrant kicks

25 butt kicks


I am going to be sharing these circuit workout for the other parts of the body, but I thought I would start with the legs and the BOOTAYY.


Featured Image by Laura Asanger


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