The Truth About Real Fitness

Instagram, Facebook, movies, TV shows, anywhere you look nowadays you are going to see people with shredded abs, not an ounce of fat on their body, looking like they’re living such a carefree happy life. But here’s the truth, anyone who looks like that, is not living a carefree live, not at all. The problem with the fitness craze these days, is the unrealistic standards that are portrayed. I’m not talking about being skinny, I’m talking about being RIPPED, everyday of your life. I’m here to say, that is just not possible if you want to live a life filled with experiencing new things, going out with your friends, traveling, and just basically living a normal life.

In my personal experience, I work out 5-6 days a week, eat a generally healthy diet everyday, and have been doing this for almost 2-years. I fluctuate everyday from being more to less toned, and I promise I never look like these models you see in the media. Sometime’s I get discourage and mad at my body, because to me, it’s not fair that I am so dedicated to health and fitness for so much of my life, and I do not look just like these girls. I am not completely over this mentality, but I have realized that these girls that I’m comparing myself to, do not live lives I would want to live. They do not go out for drinks, they do not eat cheesecake, they don’t share appetizers with their friends. They are constantly counting their calories, sugars, carbs, sodium, fats, and they don’t ever take a break, maybe the one cheat day they give themselves a week. A normal person with a 9-5 job, could maybe keep this up for a little while, but then what happens after that? The only people that are able to keep up with this type of lifestyle for their whole lives, are the type of people where looking good is their whole life. 

I know it is hard to say, and basically impossible to believe, that we shouldn’t care about what we weigh and what we look like in the mirror, because this is how the world makes their judgement on us. I’m not going to pretend that I don’t care, because honestly I care a lot, but I do believe that true health and fitness is more about your mentality than your physical appearance. Think about how cool your body is. It gets you from point A to point B, it lets you experience your first kiss, dance to your favorite song, experience another country, comfort your loved ones, make an amazing meal, laugh so hard it hurt. Your body is capable of doing all these things no matter what you look like. However, if you are struggling to breath, can’t stand for too long, getting tired quickly, or just deteriorating more rapidly than you should be, these things are not possible for you. You can’t take a hike up that mountain, you can’t zip-line through the jungle, you can’t go on that camping trips with your friends. Your life is less worth living because your body is not at it’s best.

What you do with your body and put into it, is very powerful to your quality of life. You might not workout or eat healthy and think, “I feel just fine and can do whatever anyone else can do.” You will never fully realize how powerful you are and how much better your life can be, both physically and mentally, until you start caring about your health and fitness. For me, I have been given a sense of control over my life, I am more optimistic about the future, I am more excited to experience new things, I feel more powerful, and I feel more confident about myself in general.

I have a lot of people who ask me how to loose weight or how to get toned, and the answer is really simple, put good things in your body, and work out. I know when people ask me this, they are looking for a quick trick or something that will make it easier, but if you are only thinking about your outwards appearance you are always going to get discouraged and quit. All these workout fads, weight-loss pills, cleanses, wraps, and everything else, will not last and leave you even more discouraged (and with less money) than you were before. Everyone’s body and metabolism is SO different, so if you are basing your results on someone else, you will never get what you want.

Basically is you want the real truth about fitness, here is a list of things that will help you get there.

  1. Start eating healthy and working out TODAY.
  2. Don’t worry about “cheating,” just try your best.
  3. Get rid of your scale.
  4. Don’t starve yourself.
  5. Don’t purchase any “loose weight fast” products.
  6. Make sure you’re enjoying what you’re eating and what you’re doing.
  7. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else.
  8. Don’t give up, even if you don’t see progress immediately.

I promise if you stand by these 8 steps, you will loose weight, you will gain muscle, you will feel better about yourself, and your body and mind will thank you.

Featured image by Laura Asanger Photography


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