Week #1 Of Workouts

I believe that the hardest part of working out is figuring out what to do and where to start. I know that this is a big factors that hinders a lot of people’s motivation, and I really want to help with that. I decided that I would lay out my workouts every week for five days a week. Below I have a picture of each of the break downs of my workouts and a short video of how to do each exercise. I am going to try my best to upload a whole new set of workouts every week from now on, so keep checking it! 

Just a disclaimer, I am not certified in anyway as a personal trainer or fitness expert. I have done a lot of research on my own and have been to numerous professional fitness classes, and that is where I get my inspiration for all of my workouts. For the most part I do Tabata Workouts everyday. I know there are several different ways to do Tabata, but I like to do 30 secs of work with 10 secs of rest in-between for 8 times for each exercise, and then repeat 8 times with 1 min of rest in-between. All together this is a 49 minute workout (when I write it all out, hopefully it will be simpler). I like to do Tabata everyday because you are getting a full-body workout in a short amount of time.  I have done some research and have seen a lot of experts say that it is not good to do full-body, high-intensity everyday. However, I do mine a little differently because everyday is focused on a different body part which allows the rest of the body to recover. Also, only a few of the exercises in my Tabata are high-intensity, the rest consist of lifting weights or working out a muscle group without much movement from the rest of the body. I have been personally doing this type of workouts for a very long time and have noticed very fast results and feel great. I have never pulled a muscle or injured myself while doing these exercises everyday. However, everyone is different so it is important to listen to your body and to not over-do it.

I do all of these workouts at home, but these can also be done in the gym. For most of these workouts, I use dumbbells, a balance board, and resistant bands. I bought all of this equipment at Walmart for a very resonable price.

First things first,

In order for you to actually work for 30 secs and rest for 10 secs, you’re going to need a pretty good timer. I use the app “Seconds” which is a free app in the iTunes store. download (3) This is what the icon of the app looks like. Once you have downloaded this app, you are going to click “create new timer.” It will then ask you to choose a template. You are going to click on the “Tabata Timer.” Now, all you are going to do is change “Exercise 1” from 20 secs to 30 secs, and then copy and past “Exercise 1” eight times. Finally, press “Create” on the top right corner. Here are pictures of what your screens should look like:


 Day 1 Arms:

Day 2 Lower Abs:

Day 3 Legs and Booty:

Day 4 Arms:

Day 5 Abs:

I hope you enjoyed these workouts and they were able to help you in your fitness journey. If you have an questions or suggestions, please leave a comment or send me a message. Stay tuned for more weekly workout plans!

Featured image by Laura Asanger Photography

4 thoughts on “Week #1 Of Workouts

  1. How long have you been exercising/working out? And did it take awhile to see progress/results? Love your blog! Keep it up the awesome work 😊👊🏼


    1. I have been exercising 5 days a week for the past year and a half. I started noticing a difference probably by the end of the second week. It’s important to keep progress pictures because sometime we don’t notice the differences.Thank so much, I’m glad that you enjoy it!


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