Tabata Style Full-Body Workout Feat. Gatsby

Tabata classes are probably my favorite type of workout classes. I love getting a killer workout in a short amount of time, while switching up the exercises so I don’t get bored. If you don’t have a gym that offers tabata classes, or if you rather just keep your workouts at home, this workout will be great for you! All you need for this workout is, dumbbells, and a resistant band.

For this workout I used the free app Seconds to time my 30-seconds of work and 10-seconds of rest.





There are 8 different rounds. Do each round 8 times with 30-seconds of work and 10-seconds of rest, before moving to the next round. Overall you should complete 32 minutes of work with 10 minutes of rest.

1st round: Monster walks and hop with resistant band

2nd round: 2 V-crunches, 2 V-ups

3rd round: Curl and press

4th round: Burpees

5th round: Booty bridge, legs apart with resistant band

6th round: Planks

7th round: Push up, legs apart

8th round: Mountain Climbers

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