Full-Body Balance Board Workout Feat. Gatsby the Corgi

Adding a balance board can really bring your workout to the next level. It can turn any workout into a full-body workout, and really make you conscious on your form. I got this balance board from Aldi for $9, and it is a good substitute for the pricey Bosu. Of course these workouts can be done without a balancing board as well.

I also have been really into intervals lately. I got this free app that lets me know when to work and when to rest, even if I do not have the app opened on my phone.

This high-intensity workout is only 30-minutes and will really work your entire body in a short amount of time.



Squat and Press


Side Lunges

Mountain Climbers


Dips with alternating extended leg

30-second of each exercise with 10-seconds of rest in-between

Repeat 5 times 



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