Common Problems of a Modern Dog Mom 

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Lets be honest, being a dog-mom is not an uncommon thing in this day in age. You would think, that with this concept being such a heavily accepted issue, people would just get it. However, us dog-moms still face a lot of obstacles, so I decided to publicly address just a few of them.

1. People assume your dog is not your natural born child.


What if you were talking about how you carried your child for nine-months, and I just screamed, “NO YOU’RE LYING THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!” First off, rude. I mean maybe it is impossible, but do you know everything? No. Second off, do you think I could fake this type of bond? No. So, if I talk about my first born, or how I miss my dog being in my womb, just accept the reality that I myself have chosen to accept. Thank you.

2. “No dogs allowed”


Wake up America, it’s 2017! I’m tired of public areas like restaurants, stores, schools, or office buildings, telling me that I can’t bring my dog in. I can 100% promise that my dog is going to be way more well behaved then most children, yet I don’t see any,”No bratty kids” signs anywhere. Have you ever been somewhere where there is a dog and not had a good time? No. Fact: Dogs make every situation better. So let’s all agree to make the world a better place, and just allow dogs everywhere! Also, I don’t know about your dog, but my dog is the GOODEST boy! He may be a little barky, but he can shake your hand, and what more can you ask for from an outstanding citizen?

3. People that tell me I have dog hair on me.


Yes! I know! It is all over me! My body is probably made out of 2% dog hair at this point. But guess what? It’s not going anywhere. This is just my life and I have accepted my fate. Believe me, I got a lint roller or two, but honey, there’s only so much a girl can roll. And besides I kind of like it. Sometimes when I’m sad at work, I just find a piece of my dogs hair and remember, “You gotta do it for your dog!” So actually, I highly recommend dog hair, it’s stylish and encouraging.

4. People that ask me when I’m going to start having babies.


Um, if you read point 1, you would know that I already had a baby, so I’m confused.

5. Pet Fees


“Oh, you want to bring your dog on the plane? That’ll be $300. Oh, you want to bring your dog on vacation? That’ll be $100. Oh, you want to have your dog live with you? That’ll be $200, a monthly rent of $20 dollars, and a $1,000 security deposit.” WHEN DOES IT END? In my life experiences, I’ve found that humans are a lot more destructive and annoying then dogs. So I don’t understand why our society feels the need to penalize us for trying to bring more joy into the world, by bring our dogs around. My dog is a precious little angel and we do not need this kind of negativity in our lives. Do you know how much flea medicine is? Give us dog-moms a break, geezz.

6. I rather stay at home with my dog.


Going anywhere without my dog is literally painful. I know that he will just be sitting there at the door, waiting for me to come home the whole time. I don’t think there is anyone else in world that loves me that much. So knowing that, I don’t want to go anywhere, I really don’t.

7. People that judge me for dressing my dog up.

Hey, I’m not going to judge you if you don’t dress up for Halloween, but in my household, it’s a big freaking deal. I don’t know if you noticed, but I honestly have the cutest dog-o in the whole, wide world, so I would never deprive anyone from seeing that fluffy butt up in a Dracula costume.  I’m not saying I’m a national hero, but you’re welcome to all.

8. People that judge me in general.


Okay, I know you may think it’s crazy that I have a dog stroller in my car, or that I’m part of a corgi club, but these are all normal things to a modern dog-mom. I really do love my dog as if he’s my own flesh and blood. This doesn’t mean that I think any less of the sacrifices people have to make as a mother of a human child. I just have chosen a life filled with unconditional love, endless kisses, and not having to pay childcare. One day I do plan to have a child that has DNA a little more similar to mine, but right now, I’m enjoying my life being a dog-mom and obsessing over my perfect little pup. So please, do all of us dog-moms a favor, and keep your judgement to yourself.

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