Getaway to The Blue Ridge Mountains 

I’ve lived in Florida my whole life, so being able to experience a real winter, even for a little bit, is tremendously exciting to me. This is why we chose to stay in a cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains. We had previously met two couples on our cruise this summer who we have become great friends with. The six of us decided that it would be fun, and not too expensive, to rent a cabin in North Georgia for about a week. I’ll go over where we stayed, where we ate, and other things we did on our trip.

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Our Cabin


We started our search for a three-bedroom cabin on FlipKey pretty optimistic. However, we ran into a lot of obstacles. Most cabins that are reasonably priced either required someone in the cabin to be twenty-five or older, or do not allow dogs.  After a while of searching we finally found a rental company called Blue Ridge Mountain Cabins Their website is a little outdated, which made me nervous at first, but the cabin ended up being better than I expected. The pictures on the website really do not do it justice, it is truly a beautiful and homey place to stay. They provided everything we could possibly need during our stay such as, a fully equipped kitchen, brochures for activities around the area, a washer and dryer, a fuse-ball table, a pool-table, every Disney movie from the 1990’s, you name it. They also did not mind that we were all under twenty-five and that we had a dog, which was pretty important. We went during peak season, for five days and four nights, and the total cost for each couple ended up being about $260. I really don’t think you can get a better deal anywhere else.


Upon our arrival to the city of Blue Ridge, we discovered that most of the restaurants around town were either fast food or barbecue. However, we were able to find some awesome restaurants around town. The first day we went out, we went to a restaurant called Christy Lee’s Courtyard Grille which was located in downtown Blue Ridge. We were recommend this restaurant through the brochures provided by the cabin and saw a lot of positive reviews online. The food we had was excellent and our server Bob was phenomenal. The only downfall about this restaurant is that it is REALLY expensive. My husband and I spent about $100 overall just for us. During the time I didn’t really think about it, but after we left I thought “crap that’s a lot.”

The next day we went to a restaurant called Cantaberry Resturant which was also located downtown. This restaurant was kind of like Panera Bread in the sense that they served mostly soup, salad, and sandwiches. However, this place was 100% better than Panera Bread. The portions were a lot bigger and the food tasted extremely fresh. This place was also pretty inexpensive. I paid about $8 for a large soup and a large sandwich. Our server, Lacy, was the cutest and gave us a lot of recommendations for things to do around town.

The last place we ate out at in Blue Ridge was called Masseria Kitchen and Bar. This place was kind of interesting because it looked like a normal restaurant but you actually go up to a cashier and order your food. It was kind of great because the food has normal restaurant food except you don’t have to worry about tipping a server, which saves some money. They mostly have pizza and other types of Italian food but with a modern flare. I got sautéed calamari and a salmon salad for a pretty decent price! For the rest of the trip we bought food from the local Food Lion and made meals at the cabin.


On our second day in Blue Ridge we decided to take a hike at the nearest national park. It was kind of rainy but it was still fun and beautiful. The trail we took, was about five miles long. We ended up having to turn back halfway because we started too late and it would have gotten dark before we could make it all the way there and back. We did see some signs for waterfalls, but we were not able to see any. I would suggest planning a hike early in the day in order to have enough time to make the whole trail and back. 

15590141_1404578942888354_6619724863433731610_nOur second activity that we did was horseback riding. There was a few different stables in the area, but we chose Callihan’s Adventure Trail Rides We chose this one because it seemed to be the closest to our cabin and seemed to be the most affordable. It was $28 for each person for an hour and a half ride. They took us up and down mountains and through different amazing sceneries.

For the rest of the trip we walked around Downtown Blue Ridge which had a lot of cute local shops and restaurants. We also walked around our cabin and tried to appreciate as much nature as we could. It wasn’t a very eventful trip, but it was definitely one of my favorites. It was so much fun to just hang out at the cabin with our friends, and to just look around at a different environment. If you’re looking for a inexpensive trip to somewhere cold, I would definitely recommend a trip to Blue Ridge Mountain Georgia in December. 

One thought on “Getaway to The Blue Ridge Mountains 

  1. Love that you will be able to go back years from now, reread your blogs, and relive the memories of such good times with Dylan, friends, and the Great Gatsby of course.


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