Fun Tabata Workout

This workout is my recent favorite and I do it about 3-4 times a week. I love that I get to switch from one workout to the next so I don’t get bored. It can be pretty high-intensity, especially with all those burpees, so make sure to go at your own pace and use whatever weights you feel comfortable using. In this video I use 12.5 lb weights.


This workout is a tabata workout so you’re going to keep switching. Do each workout for 10 reps and then switch to the next one until you have done all 4 work outs, 4 times.

Squat, Curl, Press, Burpee:

This one is basically a full body work-out

10 reps

Side-Dip and Crunch:

Works out your core

3 dips, then one crunch, 10 reps

Switch to the other side over other time

Weighted Squat and Curtsy

Works out thighs and butt

10 reps 

Elevator Planks and Legs Apart

Works out core and arms

10 reps

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