22 Things I Learned in 22 Years 

I feel like as everyone gets older they start to reminisce about their lives. This birthday I started thinking about how much I have grown throughout the years and I decided to write this post to share. I know these things are probably not revolutionary or even new to most, but who knows, maybe you’ll learn something!

1. People Aren’t Evil

This might seem like a weird thing to say, but this a very recent discovery for me. I know there are sociopaths and people like Hitler, but generally speaking, I think human beings want to be the good guy. I use to think there were just whole groups of people who were completely evil, like cartoon evil villains, But now I’m starting to realize that that’s just not the case. I believe that in most cases, every bad thing that people do is for some reason. Whether it be for their religion or beliefs, their own good, the good of their loved ones, or if they just don’t know any better. I’m not saying this is an excuse for bad behavior, but knowing people’s motives could definitely help fix a lot of issues.  I think this is important to realize, because this needs to be understood to teach people what is wrong and right and why they are wrong and right.

2. Real Friends are Nice to You

This might seem pretty obvious but it took me a while to realize. I’m not talking about friends that sugar coat everything, we definitely need friends that tell it like it is, but not friends that go for your insecurities and push your buttons I until you break. If you’re like me and you hate confrontation, you don’t have to start a fight. You can just slowly remove yourself from those people and decide to not let them affect you. Trust me, life gets a whole lot better when you do.

3. Sometimes You’re the Bad Guy

Now, I know this is true, but a lot of times it’s easier to say this then realize it in the moment. I feel as if human beings as a whole just walk around believing they can do no wrong and every disagreement has to be the other persons fault. Obviously that can not be the case. Sometimes you’re the person that’s mean. Sometimes you’re the person that need to say sorry and that’s okay. No one is always right or always good, so don’t risk looking like a jerk just to save your pride.

4. You’re Going to Get Through Every Hard and Stressful Time

I’ve had times where it seemed as if my sadness was indefinite, I think we all have. I don’t know about you but those times ALWAYS end. Sometimes it takes a while, but situations always get solved or you just learn to move on and be happy. I don’t know why but statistically, it always happen.

5. Ignorance is not Bliss

I really used to believe the opposite was true and wanted to live in my happy, dumb little bubble. As I have gotten older and learned new things, I started to realize that almost every world problem could be solved if people were not as ignorant. I believe all knowledge should not be feared, even information that might change your views on issues you have always believed. Knowledge is power and knowledge is the key to peace.

6.Everyone Needs a Dog to be Happy

I know some people are cat people, or human baby people, but honestly you guys are missing out. Dog are the coolest creatures on the planted and we really don’t deserve them. They love you unconditionally, love to snuggle, love to play, and they can just make everyone’s lives a whole lot better!

7. You’re Your Own Worst Critic

Guess what, all those flaws you notice constantly about yourself, no one else notices. Everyone is too concerned with their own flaws to worry about yours. Actually my worst critic is my car mirror. I don’t know why but that freaking mirror hates my guts and points out every little pore or make-up streak, but really its just me obsessing over something no one is ever going to notice. So relax, people think you’re a whole lot better than you think.

8. It’s Okay to be a Little Anti-Social

I have recently discovered that I have a small form of social anxiety (self-diagnosed). So I really freak out about every social encounter. When people invite to me go places and I don’t want to go or I can’t go, I really start to worry that I’m boring or that people won’t like me anymore. However, I’m starting to realize more and more that it’s okay to just sit on your couch watching Netflix all day once in a while. You can still be a great person that people want to be around, even if you don’t want to be around people all the time. It’s good to just have time by yourself and if you have social anxiety like me, it really gives you a break from freaking out about minuscule conversations. Just enjoy it and don’t over think it!

9. Not Everyone is Going to Like You, and That’s Okay

I say this is the 9th thing I learned this year, but honestly, I’m still working on this one. I really don’t know of a lot of people that don’t like me (thank God or I might have a panic attack constantly) but the ones I do know about really bug me. I feel like 90% of everything I do is to make people like me. As I’m getting older though I’m starting to realize that if I want to live a happy and fulfilling life, everyone can’t like me. I know its going to be uncomfortable and take some time, but I am going to start living my life with less fear about what people think of me.

10. Always be Nice, No Matter What

I feel like more people need to learn this. I don’t care if you’re having a bad day, just be nice to people! It’s really not that hard. You can show disapproval with something without being mean and it doesn’t take that much work to figure out how. You never know what people are going through or their true intentions so just save yourself from feeling like crap in the long run and BE NICE!

11. Life Isn’t All About Falling in Love

This was definitely a news flash for me. I feel like this is more relevant for women than men, because from such a young age society has ingrained in our brains that our purpose in life is to meet prince charming and fall in love. All we worry about our whole lives is how we look, how to impress guys, how to be the perfect wife, and guys never worry about any of that stuff. Once I found my prince charming and got married, I kind of felt like “okay now what?” I wasted my whole life only thinking about boys and never finding out what I’m passionate about or what I want to do with my life. Luckily I got married young so now I can stop worrying about all that crap and have time to focus on important issues. I don’t regret anything in my life and I’m so blessed to be where I am now, but I really wish I would have saved time and energy over the years and realized my worth early on.

12. Always Invest in Trips

Some people say that they can’t travel because they don’t have enough money, but recently I have discovered there are ways around that! You can always give something up, like your daily coffee from Starbucks, and start putting that money away for a trip at the end of the year. There is also plenty of ways you can save money while traveling. AirBnB, the Hopper app, and group trips, are just a few ways I’ve been able to travel without spending too much. I’ve realized that I’m a lot more motivated and determined once I know that I have a trip coming up, so I really believe planning them makes me a better person.

13. Find a Hobby

Honestly, I’m really not good at anything and I’m kind of flaky. I’ve tried many different hobbies like crocheting, working out, blogging…some stick more than others.  But even if some don’t last long, it’s good to find something you like to do and throw yourself into it. You might feel silly and like a poser some times, but who cares, you have to try new things.

14. You Don’t Know Everything About Anything

I don’t care if you have five different doctorates or have studied something for your entire life, there is no way you know everything about any subject. There is new information coming to the surface every day and things are always changing. There are some things that I thought I knew everything about, and then one day I learned something new and it changed my entire framework on it. You should always be open to new information and not act like you know everything.

15. Enjoy Being Young

I feel like my whole life I’ve always wanted to grow up. I knew that grown ups had freedom and I just wanted to do whatever I wanted. Now I’m a grown up (sort of) but I sometimes feel like I’m still too young. I always get embarrassed when people ask me how old I am because I’m married and independent and I feel like people think I should be older. I really don’t know why I get embarrassed because being young is the greatest! I don’t have many obligations and I can still decided to do whatever I want with my life! Soon I’ll be old and shriveled up and I’ll dream about the days when I was 22, so why not enjoy it why it’s here?

16. Don’t Worry About What People Think of You as Much

I feel like this one kind of goes along with “not everyone is going to like you” but this is a very important one for my growth. I overthink everything I do. I think about conversations I had with people two weeks ago and worry about if that person thinks I’m weird now. I get worried about what I post on Instagram and if people are going to judge me. Every time I post something to my blog I have a mini panic attack and worry about being lame. But I’m working on this everyday. I’m starting to get out of my comfort zone and realize that I need to do what I want to do and not worry about other people’s thoughts.

17. Don’t be so Judgey

Women are the worst at this, even me sometimes. I don’t know why we are constantly tearing each other down when are so similar. Everyone is worried about being judge but somehow we feel better about ourselves when we’re judging other people. If you’re a judgmental person, it shows that you have a lot of insecurities. Just leave people alone and worry about bettering yourself for once.

18. Chill Out

Seriously, everything always works itself out. Don’t constantly stress about the future or things you have to get done because its going to work out. You need to find time to relax and just not worry about anything, it’s really important for you overall mental health.

19. Try New Things

I think I’ll try anything once, especially when it comes to food. If someone out there likes it, who knows, maybe you’ll like it to.

20. Don’t be so Stingy

I struggle with this a lot. I’ve never been too giving with my money or my time. I’m a super saver so I worry about every dollar I’m spending. I’m always worrying that every charity is fake or that these homeless people are just trying to scam me. I don’t know why I’m worrying about it when I should just be giving and hope for the best. I’m also very impatient. I always feel like there is something more important I should be doing and try to rush things when I should be happily giving my time to other people. You’ll never regret being generous and without generosity the world would be a much worse place.

21. Be Healthy

A lot of people tend to put their health on the back burner, I mean hey I used to too. But this is the most important thing you should worry about in your life. Your body is the only means you have to get through life and if you don’t take care of it you won’t have anything. You will be amazed how much better you will feel and the things you’ll be able to accomplish once you make the decision to have a healthier lifestyle. This doesn’t mean calorie counting or obsessing over everything you eat, but just to make a healthier choice whenever you can and to set obtainable goals for yourself.

22. Enjoy Life!

Life is really short. When you think about how minuscule 80 or so years is to the grand scheme of time, you might start to feel pretty insignificant. However, you can still make a difference, you can still make an impression on the generations to come, and you can still live a life worth living. Do things that you love, be around people you love, and try not to take any crap. There will be bad days, weeks, maybe years, but always push through and get towards your goals.

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