How I Got Fit and Stuck With It

I’m the type of girl who never sticks with anything.  When it comes to working out and eating healthy usually the same rules apply. Yeah I knew I should work out every day and eat healthy, but on day three (or one) of my diet, that brownie looked a lot better to me than a six pack, who needs a six pack anyways!? Even before my wedding, there was no fitness regimen that could have stuck and worked, and believe me, I tried a few. I tried to do cleanses, the raw diet, the paleo diet, eating extremely healthy for six days out of the week and having one cheat day a week, going on three-mile runs everyday, the “cry and try your wedding dress on every day and hope it fits” diet, you name it. But no matter what I did I always gave up. I believe a lot of it had to do with the fact that I didn’t see progress fast enough, or I hated running, or that I couldn’t say no to cravings, but I just didn’t know how to deal with those things.

img_6689December 20th, 2015, I made the decision to become the best version of myself. I decided that I was going to work out five to six days a week every week, no matter what. You do not need a major event to happen in your life to decide to change it, you can just decide that today’s the day and plan to stick with it! I decided that this time was going to be
different. I wasn’t going to go on any diet or change my entire lifestyle that day, I was just going to take one step at a time. I knew one of my major obstacles was that I didn’t have access to a close and convenient gym and that I needed to find a place to work out where I couldn’t make an excuse not to go. I went to the closest gym near me, which was a Planet Fitness that was luckily open 24/7 . This also helped me because I figured that if I’m paying monthly for my membership, I better be going! I also decided that, I’m not running. I’m an adult, I hate running, I’m not a hamster in one of those spinny wheels, and I do what I want. I knew I needed to not hate working out in order to keep doing it. So I decided I was just going to do weights and a little bit of cardio involving mostly intervals to start out.



I knew that one of my major obstacles was the fact that I would get discouraged that I wasn’t seeing results fast enough. One of my friends mentioned that I should take protein and amino acids in order to see results faster. He suggested the brand Intek because it does not have any unnecessary fillers and it has almost no fats, carbohydrates, and sugars, and tastes great! I would drink the protein immediately after my work outs and would drink the amino acids for most of the day and while I was working out. This brand is a little pricier than others but this stuff really works! I was able to see muscle definition from just a week of weights and taking these supplements.

When I started working out I didn’t immediately start eating healthy. I knew my previous problem was that I would go all in and once I cheated I would get discouraged and quit. I think the most important mind set to have is THIS IS NOT A DIET! There are no cheat img_5643days, there is no counting calories, there is no meal plans. This is a whole new lifestyle change and change of thinking. Everyday you should be constantly thinking about how the food you eat is effecting your body and your health. If you have a craving for a cookie, eat a freaking cookie! Life is too short to punish yourself and not enjoy the things you love. All you need to do is be conscious about what and how much your eating and think about how it is effecting your body. Throughout the past year my eating has slowly become better and better. Once you become passionate about being fit and healthy you start researching healthy meals, and finding out what is good and not good for you. You start to subconsciously grab healthier things and it just becomes easy! Eating healthy should not be stressful or gross, it should be enjoyable and yummy! 


Another trick that I found very helpful was taking a progress picture everyday. I compiled all of these photos into my notes on my phone so I could scroll through and see my the changes happen to my body.  I would post some to Snapchat when I was really proud of myself and feeling proud of myself was an enormous motivator! This also helped me to go to the gym everyday because I knew I had to take a picture that day. Even if you don’t see much progress from one photo to the next, you will see it in the long run.  Don’t be embarrassed about taking pictures of yourself! You worked for your body! It’s your masterpiece and you should be proud!

I’m proud to say that I have been to the gym 5-6 times a week for almost a year! However, my fitness journey has not always been perfect. I’ve missed the gym when I should of went, I ate McDonalds when honestly no one should, ever. I think the best advice is to just pretend it never happened! Tomorrow is a new day, and just because you messed up doesn’t mean you have to start your fitness journey over!  This past year has been one of my most empowering years for me. Not only am I physically stronger and able to do more, but I’ve become more determined to better myself in every area. I have been able to see what I can accomplish and that I can have anything I want if I try hard enough! Hey, I even started a freakin’ blog.


I hope I have encourage you to start your fitness journey TODAY and have given you some tips that will make it easier to do so. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for future articles that are more specific to my diet and workout routine!


17 thoughts on “How I Got Fit and Stuck With It

  1. I am a very proud father of my blogger not a jogger.

    Reminds me of my own journey with Health and fitness.

    I highly recommend the entire Rocky saga for more motivation. Especially the first and last movies.


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